Ava & Vance: Amorous Adventure (aka) Honeymoon

Vance and I, Ava, have finally taken a vacation. A honeymoon in time for our one year wedding anniversary. 

Honeymoon Night 1

I teased him for about 25 minutes, then I rode him. For the first time he came without thrusting into me at all. He held still and came as I fucked him. I hadn’t cum so I kept going until I did (didn’t take long, really got me going that he came)
He was so excited he cried out ‘holy fuck’ as I slide onto him.

Honeymoon Night 2

Today we went to an adult store. We had a few things in mind to look for. And the staff really helped. {Insert pics of the toys}

We set up the toys to charge before we used them. This way we wouldn’t have them die mid play.

We decided to have sex in the afternoon. I used my new bullet vibe on my clit, but every time I started to build something didn’t quite work and I couldn’t cum. This isn’t uncommon for me. 

Later, after dinner and having a chance to digest, Vance wasn’t up for round two, yet, so I set up the bed for bondage. I knew I wanted to try my new toy, the rabbit style vibe we got. To further set up, I started to look up erotic inspiration. I looked at a blog, listened to erotic stories (very short) in podcast form, and looked up porn.

I was so ready to go I started lightly touching myself. Vance remained engulfed with his laptop as I quietly and mildly came across the room from him. He never looked up.

When he was done with his laptop we went to the bed. I bound him arms spread apart on the upper part of the headboard. Reclining on two pillows, and his legs straight down bound by the ankles.

I set out to tease him with a show, I took out the rabbit vibe and laid in the bed playing with the settings. This would normally drive him insane. However he wasn’t actually feeling submissive at all. He was enjoying the bondage but wasn’t in the mood for all the teasing. 

Ultimately we fucked for a while, we kept not quite cumming. Vance did agree a bit, to my expert friendly hand. 

Honeymoon Night 3

We flirted throughout the day. Always a good lead up for sex. Initiating, I started by kissing Vance’s neck sensually. I let him know I was going to prep for sex and to come to bed in a few minutes. 

I put my new bullet vibe on low onto my clit, and laid on the bed. Then I opened pornhub to Men on Edge and found an inspiring video. Vance came to bed and cuddled up close to my nude body. When we found the right video I gently fondled his cock and balls. He put his hand on my mound, lightly moving his fingers sort of kneading my skin. I loved the sensation, especially combined with the vibrations on my clit. 

After a few minutes we were ready for penetration, no fingers before hand so my pussy was tight on his cock. He makes a very specific face of pleasure when penetrating me, and it’s more pronounced when his cock is the first thing to enter me that day. 

He began to thrust and I soon found myself unable to resist pumping my hips towards him at a pace that kept me building. I cried out with every thrust as his pace quickened, and asked for him to thrust a bit harder as I approached climax. I came, verbly telling him and begged him to cum in me, every thrust was causing the vibe to over stimulate my sensitive clit. He of course came fairly quickly for me. It wasn’t the most powerful orgasm for either of us, however it was pretty delightful sex. 

Vance Bound For Pleasure
Vance In Honeymoon Bondage

Honeymoon Night 4

We had a good day, but that even my pain got really high. We couldn’t have sex and Vance welcomed the break. 

Honeymoon Night 5

For some reason I couldn’t cum. Vance held the wand to my clit, and fingered me. I was writhing and moaning with pleasure, but I just couldn’t quite cum. We did fuck, and Vance actually came with a friendly hand. 

Honeymoon Night 6

Our final full day of our honeymoon, we had sex mid-afternoon. I was still unable to cum, I’m not a hundred percent sure why. I did enjoy myself. The sex wasn’t anything terribly special, it was vanilla-ish (we always are at least mentally non vanilla, as in what we talk about as we fuck).

We flirted and teased after that, the plan was to have sex again before bed. However it didn’t end up being sexy. One of those times where you’re just not in tune with your partner. 

Honeymoon Summary

  • Vance had 6 orgasms
  • Ava had 2 orgasms
  • We had sex 6 times in 6 days.